In the winner's circle

The legislature raid trial's abrupt end last week was good news for everyone but ordinary British Columbians. In a decision that stunned trial watchers, former Liberal political aides David Basi and Bobby Virk pled guilty to reduced charges, admitting to accepting benefits in exchange for leaking confidential information about the British Columbia Railway Co. bidding process. That deal - which Attorney General Mike de Jong has said was made by independent special prosecutor Bill Berardino and not the government - means the Campbell administration's won't have to worry about the possibility of further embarrassing revelations coming out in court.

But the controversy surrounding the deal - which included a decision by deputy attorney general David Loukidelis and deputy finance minister Graham Whitmarsh to not recover millions of dollars in defence costs from Messrs. Basi and Virk - has, at least in the short term given the New Democrats something to talk about other than the unrest surrounding party leader Carole James.

Indeed, in my opinion the only ones who lost last week were ordinary British Columbians who now may never receive a full disclosure of what happened during the privatization of what was once a valuable public asset.

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