What's up with North Cowichan New Democrats?

Earlier, we reported provincial New Democrat constituency associations in Cariboo North, Fraser-Nicola and Penticton had passed resolutions or executive motions calling for a party leadership race in 2011. Meanwhile, Comox Valley, Esquimalt-Royal Roads, New Westminster and Surrey-Green Timbers are supporting a leadership review - which is already required under the New Democrats' constitution. But what's happening North Cowichan? In an interview with Public Eye on Tuesday, constituency association president Michael McNamara said, "I really don't have anything to tell you at this point. Perhaps in a couple days I might be able to tell you something, I don't know. I really don't have a comment to make. Not at this point...I'm not sure what's going on." He later denied the association has passed a resolution calling for a race.

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I wonder just how many people are in those constituency associations? I went to a number of them years agofor one of the major BC parties and never saw more than 13 people in the place. who speaks for the rest of the member ship? Nobody and that's why folks like David Schreck stated a few years ago that there should be a system with one member , one vote. People do get turned off when they show up and are not the old crowd,who believe they are the inner circle and sort of leave the new folk off to one side.

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