Campbell the cabinetmaker

On Wednesday, Gordon Campbell is scheduled to make a televised "state-of-the-province" speech on Global Television. But is that the only announcement he'll be making in the near future? Will there be a cabinet shuffle? Will the ministries of small business, technology and economic development or agriculture and lands be affected? Could there be a reorganization of the resource ministries? Inquiring minds want to know!


Well considering how Ontario under Premier Dad and acting Premier Sandra Pupatello control so much of BC... and how powerful Ontario's economic team is, I'm sure a cabinet reshuffle is inbound.

Ideally, Campbell and his cabinet would all resign their seats and we could have several by-elections to clear the air. Since this isn't going to happen the best we can hope for is to hear Campbell resign as leader. However, I expect all he will do is tell us all how stupid we all are and that we should trust him with the BC economy and the public purse.

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