Fraser-Nicola NDPers join call for leadership race

Last night, the provincial New Democrat constituency association in Fraser-Nicola approved resolutions calling for Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson's reinstatement to caucus and a leadership convention in 2011, Public Eye has exclusively learned. The association's new president Joyce Beddow said those resolutions came from the floor during its annual general meeting. In a separate interview, her predecessor Terry Scheitel - speaking on his own behalf - explained, "I think Carole James is doing a disservice to the party hanging in there without having gone to the membership."

"We kept expecting her to resign or to announce a leadership review (after failing to win the last election). And, all of a sudden, next thing you know she's going to be the leader in the next election. So I think the Bob Simpson issue is just a symptom of all that," he continued.

Ms. James expelled Mr. Simpson from caucus for penning an op-ed criticizing her speech to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual general meeting.

Ms. Beddow added that she's heard "quite a few" other constituency associations will be bringing forward resolutions in support of the Cariboo North MLA. Those resolutions will be debated at the party's provincial council meeting on November 20.

Fraser-Nicola is presently represented by New Democrat legislator Harry Lali.


So this is the 3rd New Democrat constituency association to call for a direct leadership convention, the second with an incumbent MLA. Obviously, it wouldn't proceed without Lali's blessing. It will be interesting to see the other "quite a few" c/a's that will follow.

Kind of ironic that Campbell, with a 9% approval rating, has not seen this level of dissension from Liberal ridings.

What's most critical here is that the resolution attempts to overide the NDP constitution. They don't want a one member, one vote selection procedure, called for by next year's convention. They want an old fashioned, delegated leadership convention to be called by the Prov Council, something that the party constitution doesn't allow for.

Presumably they want their motion, along with similar ones, to be ruled out of order at the Nov Council meeting, so they can then say that they're not being listened to, not being respected, etc. Or perhaps they and their hardball political oonsultant feel they can get enough votes on the Council to just override the constitution and dare anyone to try to stop them once they're in mid-flight.

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