Persistence pays?

British Columbians have been in a relationship with Gordon Campbell for almost ten years now. And, according to the latest Angus Reid Public Opinion poll, we don't want to be in a relationship with him anymore. He's seen by many as arrogant, secretive, dishonest and uncaring - which explains why he's got the approval of just nine percent of British Columbians. Carole James is the next in the line. But we're not too sure about her either. Polling from the same company shows she's most often thought of as being compassionate and down-to-earth. Yet she's only got the approval of 27 percent of British Columbians. New Democrat president Moe Sihota seems to think that will change if the party talks up her "positive qualities."

But that's what they've been doing for the past seven years. And our opinion of Ms. James has gone down not up. So it seems the New Democrats are hoping there won't be anyone else competing for our attentions in the next election - at least no one we'd be willing to give a second glade too, such as Mr. Campbell's sorority sisters and fraternity brothers. Which explains why some caucus members are now becoming more vocal about the need to replace Ms. James.

But even if such a change doesn't prove necessary, do the New Democrats really want to win government just because British Columbians believe they don't have any other political choice?

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