Comox Valley NDPers want leadership review not race

The Comox Valley provincial New Democrat constituency association executive discussed party leadership issues last week. But president Kassandra Dycke told Public Eye the executive is "steadfast" in its support for Carole James, having passed a motion that, in effect, endorses a leadership review rather than a leadership convention in 2011. "We had our regular executive meeting just this past Tuesday. And, as we do at many our meetings, we had a discussion about current events in the party," she explained. "And since there's been so much chatter lately about leadership review and how it works in the party we thought that we ought to have a discussion around that as well. And, at the close of our discussion, what we ended up doing was passing a motion where, in fact, we expressed support for the party's constitution which, of course, allows for a leadership review at every convention."

"Carole James is our leader and the executive in the Comox Valley absolutely stands steadfastly behind her," Ms. Dycke continued. "She's a very honourable woman and, as our leader, she's taken us from two seats in 2005 to 35 in 09 and we're really proud of that accomplishment."

Earlier, Public Eye exclusively reported two other New Democrat constituency association executives have passed motions calling for a leadership convention in 2011.

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David Shreck has already pointed out in his articles elsewhere that these motions are totally inconsistent with the BC NDP constitution. There is no provision for the party Council to call for a "leadership convention" or any other form of leadership race.

Rather, a Convention can set in motion a leadership race on the basis of one member, one vote, in other words, a universal ballot of all BC NDP members, not just an old-fashioned, delegated, wheeler-dealer controlled leadership convention.

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