Ex-candidate says James got "piss poor guidance"

Ex-Prince George and District Labour Council president Wayne Mills, who ran for the provincial New Democrats in the 2005 election, has said he thinks party leader Carole James is "doing a good job." But, in an interview with Public Eye, the former Prince George-Mount Robson constituency association president added he also wants to see Bob Simpson restored to caucus and wouldn't be opposed to a leadership convention in 2011. "Carole, I think, is a wonderful lady. I love her dearly. She rebuilt the party when it had been stomped into the ground. And the only drawback I have with Carole is that she doesn't come across as aggressive enough," he stated.

But that being said, Mr. Mills said he also respects Mr. Simpson, who was expelled from the opposition benches for penning an op-ed criticizing Ms. James's speech to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual general meeting. "I think Bob is far enough toward centre that he gives the party some support, some - and I hate to be using the word - some legitimacy. I think Bob should be restored back to the fold. I'm in a bit of a leadership role myself. If I can't take criticism, I should bloody well get off the pot. And if the people that are surrounding her are giving her the information to toast him, I think that was piss poor guidance she was given."

Mr. Mills is also concerned the party isn't, "coming out saying what we're going to do. And that's one thing, two elections ago when I ran, where I had a problem with the party...And last time I saw the same thing. We didn't come out early and say what we were doing."

Asked whether he would support a leadership convention in 2011, Mr. Mills said, "I don't think it would hurt. My support would still be with Carole."

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