Black and Hunter mete out discipline

Black and Hunter mete out discipline

"I am appalled at the lack of discipline displayed by Bob Simpson and his supporters. They have succeeded in displacing the HST scandal and the unpopularity of the Libs from the front page with the rift within the NDP. It is so painfully stupid!" Victoria city councillor and former federal New Democrat parliamentarian Lynn Hunter articulated that opinion on 24 hours' columnist Bill Tieleman Facebook page this afternoon. And she's not the only one who shares that view of Mr. Simpson's public criticism of Ms. James's speech to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual general meeting. "Lynn is right on," added Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378 vice-president David Black, who notes he "didn't support Carole in 2003, but I want to see her as Premier in 2013." Meanwhile, CKNW is reporting Nanaimo MLA Leonard Krog wants to see Mr. Simpson "brought back into caucus."


So Bob Simpson mildly criticized James in an obscure Williams Lake blog and was given the boot from caucus.

Today Krog publicly questions and criticizes James decision by stating that Simpson should be brought back into caucus. And that was on CKNW!

Does this now mean that Krog will also be booted from caucus based upon the "Simpson Precedent"?

Leonard ran for leader before, but maybe Ms.James could still consider him a threat , but even she isn't dumb enough to drop him, or maybe she is. Tight lipped group as they entered some meeting today in Vancouver. Should be some report by columnists by later today as to who was doing a hatchet job on whom.

I agree with Leonard Krog's statement that it would be nice to see Bob Simpson back in the NDP Caucus. I think he's a very bright guy as indicated by the comments he made about the Prosperity Mine/Fish Lake issue.

It's the kind of intelligent commentary we need from people in public life but seldom get, and we certainly don't get it from the Westside ENGOs with the luxurious multi-million dollar payrolls either.

His call for enlightened compromise essentially echos the themes Carole James has pursued in her speeches to business audiences and the UBCM, themes mercilessly ridiculed by at least one well-know "hardball" political consultant when James talked about them.

How such a bright guy managed to step into an open manhole surrounded by that much yellow tape I really don't know.

As a BC Liberal fan, I'm happy to see the BCNDP just keep digging itself deeper and deeper and deeper. The BCLib Team's told BC for two elections Carole James just isn't leadership material. Third time will just make a dynasty of Premier Campbell or a hyperpower out of a Premier Polak.

Read into this what you want. Our schisms seem to be magically healing going into convention... :-).

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