Macdonald resigns as caucus chair

Provincial New Democrat MLA Norm Macdonald has resigned as caucus chair. Mr. Macdonald was acclaimed to a second term in that postion just three months ago. Mr. Macdonald's resignation - which has been strongly rumoured since Tuesday - comes in the wake of party leader Carole James's decision to expel Bob Simpson from the opposition without consulting caucus. Ms. James made that decision after Mr. Simpson penned an op-ed criticizing her speech to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual general meeting. Earlier, we exclusively confirmed New Democrat MLAs severely split over the expulsion of Mr. Simpson, with questions being raised about Ms. James's leadership. According to a news release, deputy caucus chair Kathy Corrigan has been appointed acting caucus chair.

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Sounds to this farmboy as if the cliche "the chickens have came home to roost" or "what goes around comes around" is finally happening to Carole James. I guess hurling mud at community-minded Premier Campbell, hiring a former MCFD employee to be the MCFD Critic, not getting substantive work done in Opposition like reversing EIBI cuts or modifying HST, and posing with "Resist 2010 [a b-word]" morons finally is catching up to her.

Just my .02.

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