Horgan calls Simpson controversy "very regrettable"

Provincial New Democrat energy, mines and petroleum resources critic John Horgan isn't leaping to expelled Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson's defence. "It's all very regrettable," he said, in an interview with Public Eye. "We should be focusing on BC Liberals not ourselves. But, as it happens, we're having a three-day session to look at policy. I'm a chair of a policy committee. I think we've done a good deal of work. I disagree with Bob's view that we're nowhere. I mean a lot of us have been working pretty hard on these issues. So you don't lay out your platform in year one of a four-year term in opposition. That being said, we select our leaders by convention. Carole was elected. Until a convention replaces her or until she chooses to step down that's just the way it is. And next fall there is a mechanism in place to review the leadership. And I was assuming everyone was moving in that direction and we were focusing - instead of on each other - on how we would develop policies that appeal to British Columbians."

Asked whether he supports party leader Carole James's decision to expel Mr. Simpson, Mr. Horgan stated, "Bob knew what he was doing. I believe Bob is happier today than he was last week. So good for him."

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Nothing like a firm statement from the member. But he is quite right unless she quits on her own, it's up to the convention I don't think Bob Simpson is going away

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