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An anonymous group is calling on party leader Carole James to be replaced by Delta North MLA Guy Gentner. This, after Ms. James expelled Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson from caucus for penning on op-ed criticizing her speech to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual general meeting. According to its Website, the group is keeping its members secret because that expulsion "shows that the BCNDP under current leadership is not a safe place for democratic dissent." The Website also states neither Mr. Gentner nor the Delta North constituency association have endorsed this effort.


Things could get interesting as different MLA's start to position themselves.The party needs a change at the top, if they intend to actually form government in our lifetime.

I think that he would the perfect leader for this incompetent party. The knives are out.

An anonymous group makes news. Only in British Columbia. Or perhaps Columbia itself, I guess.

I think it would be much more news worthy for PublicEyeOnline to do an in-depth interview with Bill Tieleman to find out just how long this manouevre has been in the works, who gave the ultimate "go" command, and why now particularly. Is there some growing anxiety about the outcome of the 2011 Vancouver civic elections?

And how do Tieleman's other recent "hardball" columns relate to this provincial leadership struggle, for example his columns ridiculing Carole James speech to a business audience, or instructing his followers to target Skeena MP Nathan Cullen, and now ordering them to transfer their memberships to Cariboo North?

I would think these are pretty routine questions. If they're not even asked you might wonder why not.

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