Does the lone wolf have a pack?

Bob Simpson may have concerns about Carole James's leadership of the provincial New Democrats but he's in the minority. Oh sure, some MLAs such as Harry Lali or Michael Sather have expressed reservations about Ms. James and her decision to expel Mr. Simpson. But you'd expect that from them, wouldn't you? After all, they're "troublemakers" - having broken ranks with their colleagues before. And besides...even they aren't directly challenging the leader. So Ms. James must enjoy the support of everyone else - or, at the very least, everyone else who counts within caucus. But what if that's not the case?

What if concerns about Ms. James and the winnability of the New Democrats under her leadership are more widespread - stretching across the party's political spectrum? What if there is deep dissatisfaction with Ms. James's decision to expel Mr. Simpson without first consulting caucus? And, if that's the case, what does it say about the state of politics in this province that those MLAs aren't now publicly speaking out in support of the Cariboo North MLA - condemning him to minority status, at least in the eyes of the public.


Maybe some of the MLA's are trying to position themselves for a possible leadership change. Maybe they have become complacent with the high salary, the perks and of course the pension if they hang around long enough. Maybe they are afraid that James. should they even mutter anything that she will throw them out of the caucus. And we always thought Gordo was the guy his little flock feared.

Are we again forgetting where the real support lies ? And from where I sit, the ones that count are growing unsure of Carol's leadership and ability to be the next Premier. To be honest, I really don't care about the political posturing of the Simpsons' & Lali's. In the past week alone, polls from the G&M & CFAX clearly show that voters are wanting a change in leadership for the NDP. The only person that can't accept that is Carol James. The real question to Carol today should be " if unsuccessful in the next election, will you step down ? "

Well the BCNDP wants a new leader. Here's my criteria in this era of Campbell/New Era for BC:

1) Understand business community
2) Can use multimedia comfortably
3) Can communicate positively
4) Cannot get suckered into becoming Falcon Fried Fish or a Rockette Polak Target during QP
5) Cannot be tied to the 1990s BCNDP

By those standards, MLA Lana Popham passes with flying colours. She can be the mom in farmer's boots who will give the MCFD Min in a flight suit, the Revving Mouth of Surrey and the Premier of Business a heck of a ride. Take it or leave it, just understand I like a good competition and this is from the Polakite/Polak4Premier side of things...

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