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In an interview this morning with Public Eye, Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson said Carole James kicked him out of caucus during a phone call that happened at 9:15. Then, a little later, New Democrat MLAs had a conference call to discuss the issue. So does that mean Mr. Simpson was expelled without Ms. James consulting caucus? It certainly looks that way, with the now independent legislator releasing a media statement stating he found it "troubling there was no process before I was convicted and removed from Caucus by the Leader."

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Either this is again strategy to get that fourth independent done in a crass way... or this just shows once again that BC is just better off with Premier Campbell and MCFD Minister & Parliamentary Hardcharger Polak running things.

I say the verdict on this will probably come out in say... March or April. No fourth independent, no new caucus and yeah if I were BCNDP I'd toss Carole and replace her with Lana Popham or somebody who can well... lead. Preferably somebody who can just look Gordon Muir or Kevvy Falcon (because we all know Mary Polak won't fit into this scenario simply because she's not cocky enough to fall into this trap) in the eye and say, "You want to try that anti-business line again and party like it's 2001 in 2013? I was business before I decided to play in the province's sandbox and like that redhaired mavericky Transport Minister Judith Reid who I grudingly admit saved BC Ferries, I AM a BC Cincinnatus and the 2001 party is over."

Take it or leave it, over to you.

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