Former New Democrat candidate sides with Simpson

Hughes sides with Simpson

"Bob Simpson has been kicked out of caucus for telling it like it is." That's the view of former 2001 provincial New Democrat Malahat-Juan de Fuca candidate Richard Hughes. In a posting on his blog Cowichan Conversations, he wrote, "It might not have been in the approved manner but then there is not an approved route to push for change within our caucus structure...This may be what has been needed to open the floodgates of discontent and launch the much needed leadership race. All it will take is one or two more to tell the truth and shame the devil." Mr. Hughes also alleged Mr. Simpson along with "at least four or five others have been testing the waters" to succeed Ms. James.

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Geese, that's three independents now. Huntington, Lekstom and now Simpson. Perhaps a "NonPartisan Association of MLAs wanting $$$" or the GooGoo* GoGetEm Caucus isn't far off? Translation: Who'll be the independent "money honey" that'll be the 4th independent that'll get a caucus formed to provide for additional staff and QP rights? Popham? Bennett?

I'm sure the Premier and senior staff are right now shivering in their boots at the thought of just one more defection over the HST that the first three independent MLAs all oppose... especially with all that money and glory and gaga awaiting Independent #4? Perhaps Carole James is just trying to set that up without getting caught, eh?

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