Green leader will be reaching out to ex-opposition MLA

In an interview just hours before Bob Simpson was booted from the provincial New Democrat caucus, Green leader Jane Sterk told Public Eye she would "absolutely" be reaching out to the Cariboo North MLA. Asked why Mr. Simpson should consider joining her party, Ms. Sterk said, "I think he's intelligent. His history is such that he has demonstrated he's not a rabid ideologue. The Green Party is populated by people who come from all political persuasions. We're open to ideas, we're excited by independent thought and we're the future." Ms. Sterk made those comments after learning Mr. Simpson had penned an op-ed stating Ms. James had "little concrete to offer" when she addressed the Union of British Columbia Municipalities' annual general meeting last week. In that same article, Mr. Simpson also praised Ms. Sterk for giving the most "courageous" speech at that meeting.

"While she failed to address the issues facing local government, she at least challenged every politician in the room with her reflection that unless we fundamentally change our thinking about our consumer driven economy we will doom our children to a bleak future."

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Maybe Wayne McGrath and Randy White can make a few secret calls to get Simpson a la least this guy doesn't like the HST right?

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