New Democrat MLA criticizes party leader

Simpson criticizes James

Provincial New Democrat MLA Bob Simpson has penned an editorial criticizing his own leader's speech to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual general meeting. In an op-ed published on the Website Welcome to Williams Lake, Mr. Simpson writes that, like Premier Gordon Campbell, Carole James "had little concrete to offer the delegates other than a commitment to be more consultative than the current government and a promise to explore the possibility of revenue sharing with local governments. This is a timely concept which has the potential to address the resource needs of local governments, but the lack of specifics was a disappointment to delegates." Public Eye has been unable at publication time to reach Mr. Simpson for comment.

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Way to go Sean Holman. The MSM is asleep at the wheel once again. Most likely getting ready to print more Liberal Press releases.
I truly hope this will be the start of a campaign that will revitalize a lack luster NDP. Like many others, I too truly believe that Carol James ( as nice as she may be ), does not have the leadership & vision that British Columbians are wanting so desperately.

Guy in Victoria

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