Blowing the whistle on the whistleblower policy

British Columbia Lottery Corp.'s whistleblower policy is itself a "strictly confidential" document that's labelled for "internal BCLC discussion only." Before 2009, that policy was publicly available on the Crown corporation's Website. But its strategic planning and policy office found "no other gaming corporation researched" followed that practice. It was subsequently was moved to the BCLC's intranet.

Public Eye obtained a copy last week in response to a freedom of information request. It it, BCLC states "investigations and the management of information related to a (whistleblower) report will be conducted in a manner that limits disclosure of the report and allegations and in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act."

"Information about a report of Misconduct will only be disclosed to those responsible for investigating and/or addressing the report. Employees who have knowledge or are participants in an investigation under the Whistlerblower policy and required to keep the details and results of the investigation confidential." According to the policy, that confidentiality is "crucial in ensuring Retaliation is not made against a whisteblower."

We'll leave it up to readers to determine whether BCLC - which recently asked MLAs to introduce legislative changes to make its operations even more secretive - might have another motivation for limiting disclosure of whisteblower reports.

The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned policy, which was recently revised, and the review which resulted in that revision.

British Columbia Lottery Corp.'s whistleblower policy

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