Play the puck, not the man

"To have someone outwardly supporting a notorious Holocaust denier, a convicted Holocaust denier, is deeply offensive." That's what provincial New Democrat leader Carole James told The Vancouver Sun's Jonathan Fowlie last week in response to revelations that one of Fight HST's recall organizers was a supporter of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. That organizer resigned. But on the overall issue of the Liberals attacking the backgrounds of individual recall campaigners, New Democrat caucus chair Norm Macdonald offered this view in an op-ed published by the Revelstoke Current: "Over the last few days, I have been deeply troubled by the concerted effort that has been made by the BC Liberal government to discredit those who have spoken out against the HST."

"The government has been digging up information about petition canvassers or recall volunteers; they are attempting to discredit every participant by publicizing the unsavoury past of a few. But we have to be clear about what is really happening here," he continued.

"If you were a petition signer, a canvasser or a local leader of the initiative campaign, members of your government, paid by your tax dollars, may be investigating you, simply because you spoke out against a government position.
To say that this is outrageous would be an understatement. It is offensive on every level."

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