Glass house construction industry booming

New Democrats could have much tougher time criticizing Enbridge Inc.'s controversial Northern Gateway pipeline, salmon farmers and independent power producers after those interests showed up at a recent party fundraiser. As an example, look at what happened when opposition MLAs raised questions about donations made to the Liberals by companies-connected to the province's bingo halls and community gaming centres. House Leader Mike de Jong batted them aside by pointing out, "What do the Prince George Casino Supply Co., the Great Canadian Casino Co., the Great Canadian Corp., Edgewater Casino, Grand Casino and Great Canadian Casino Co. all have in common? They've all made donations to the New Democratic Party. That's what they have in common."


oh, how refreshing.

The liberals rebuffed the NDP with the old "turd sandwich," "giant douche," rhetorical bullshit.

i wonder who gets to be who? does de jong want to be the douche or the turd? he's at the reins right now so i guess he gets to decide. what an honor.

i would give my right testicle to put a ban on all funding to political parties by anything that is not 'A' physical single human being....and that should be limited to $100 period

Gurg, you said it all. Articles such as this belong in the "never should have said it file".

An article such as this one would make one believe that Sean Holman has been replaced by the PAB. I know that I support no political party, federally or provincially, but after this article, I am not so sure that the author is portraying a neutral stance.

Mr. Holman, it is time to inform those of us that have been supporting your site financially as to whether you are an unbiased seeker of the truth, or just another entity that will do anything they can to boost their bottom line.

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