Math lessons

On Tuesday, The Vancouver Sun's Jeff Lee paraphrased Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman has stating the province's property transfer tax adds only about $5,000 to the cost of a $500,000 home. But, as two letters published in the Times Colonist today observed, that tax would actually total $8,000. "Housing sales are a major driver of the economy. It should not be too difficult for those in government to understand citizens' anger arising from our leaders' cavalier approach to fundamental mathematics," wrote Duncan realtor Don McClintock. So why was the minister off by $3,000? Well, in an email yesterday, a housing and social development ministry spokesperson explained, Mr. Coleman "was in a hallway speaking to a reporter, did a quick approximation in his head" and, unfortunately, came up with the incorrect answer.


Minister Coleman tends to come up with wrong answers with some regularity: 6 story condos to prop up the lumber industry (while undermining concrete providers), abolition of the leaky condo loan program while knowing that over half the leaky condos have not been repaired, ramming through Bill 8 to amend the Strata Property Act without honoring the pre-election public consultation made by the government.

This is par for the course for the B.C.Liberals.Most of the math they do is off the top of their heads with no respect for math or the facts.Case in point: Remember their struggles figuring out what the correct deficit would be during the last election.They were only out by a few billion but that was okay because they were distracted by debates and door knocking.

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