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Olympic Games secretariat executives aren't the only head honchos who received received poor scores in the government's recent work environment surveys. For example, only 23 percent of respondents at the ministry of forests and range and 25 percent at Shared Services BC agreed with the statement "I have confidence in the senior leadership of my organization." Both organizations got walloped during the Campbell administration's so-called "workforce adjustment" initiative. Shared Services BC, which provides back office services across the government, laid off 218 employees, while the ministry eliminated 312 positions.

In fact, in an interview with Public Eye, Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell explained, "The survey went out within 24 hours of the time that was all happening. So it was clearly a difficult time for people in the ministry. You never make changes of that nature easily. And I think our record previously was a very positive one. We were a top quartile ministry and I fully expect we'll get back to that."

By comparison, executives at the ministry of children and family development have consistently had one of the worst rated senior leaderships in the civil service since the government launched its work environment surveys four years ago.

That rating has slowly improved, with 25 percent having confidence in its executives 2006, 29 percent in 2007, 34 percent in 2008 and 37 percent in the 2009.

But, in 2010, it dropped back down to 26 percent. In response, a ministry spokesperson stated, "This has been a year of transition, change and budget pressures - so the results of the employee survey are not totally surprising."

Those changes include the roll out of deputy minister Lesley du Toit's poorly understood effort to change the way children are protected in the province - suggesting bureaucrats are just as confused as we are about her so-called practice change initiative.

The spokesperson went on to add the results "highlight the importance of communicating with staff and that's something the ministry continues to strive to improve."

The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned surveys, which were exclusively obtained by Public Eye via a freedom of information request.

Forests and range June 2010 work environment survey

Shared Services BC June 2010 work environment survey

Children and family development June 2010 work environment survey

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