Olympic kiss-off

British Columbians may have enjoyed the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. But there doesn't seem to have been much partying going on at the government office responsible for the event. According to a 2010 employee survey conducted between April 19 and May 7 and completed by 71 percent of its staff, before it closed the Olympic Games secretariat had the poorest overall work environment score in the civil service for the second year in a row.

Just 21 percent respondents, for example, stated they were "satisfied" with the organization they work for, while 50 percent disagreed with the statement "my work unit is well supported during times of change."

This, as the secretariat - which managed government's financial commitment to the Games - was winding down its operations.

But some of the worst marks were reserved for the secretariat's executives. The surveys asked employees if their top bosses:

* communicate decisions in a timely manner;
* clearly communicate strategic changes and/or changes in priorities; and
* provide clear direction for the future;

Just eight percent agreed with the first and second statements, with only 13 percent agreeing with the third. Indeed, 54 percent said they didn't have confidence in the senior leadership of the secretariat.

That's an even worse grade than those executives got last year.

Back then, a government spokesperson explained the bad mark by noting it was given at a time when the secretariat "was still in the middle reorganizing its management structure for the final countdown to the Games."

That's a reference to a decision made three months earlier to replace the secretariat's long-time president and chief executive officer Annette Antoniak with Philip Steenkamp.

But the spokesperson assured us "concrete steps have been taken to address issues raised in the work environment survey."

So went wrong? Well, the ministry responsible for the secretariat - healthy living and sports - declined an opportunity to comment. Which means they might be just as stumped as we are!

The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned survey, which was obtained exclusively by Public Eye via a freedom of information request.

Olympic Games secretariat June 2010 work environment survey

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