On the Mark

Lobbyist Mark Jiles was among the more notable attendees at Friday's high-profile provincial New Democrat fundraiser - in part, because he was Premier Gordon Campbell constituency campaign manager during the 2005 election. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Jiles explained, "As you know, I do the government relations for the notaries' society, the film industry and the new car dealers, as well as the B.C. chiropractors' association. All these associations have members that span the political spectrum. So they wanted me there to hear what (New Democrat leader Carole James) had to say. And they also wanted to attend as well."

As a side note, Mr. Jiles added he thought Ms. James was "quite funny. And I think her quote about seven years as leader got everybody's attention."

In her speech to fundraiser attendees, Ms. James pointed to her survivability in that position as evidence she's "tough enough" be premier.

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