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Want to support former provincial Conservative leader Wilf Hanni's new political party? Well, in an email sent earlier today to friends and past supporters, Mr. Hanni detailed four ways they can help the British Columbia Heritage Party. "If you believe in prayer, pray for our success and for direction regarding the next 3 items," he wrote. They include joining the group, serving in a leadership role and making a tax deductible $200 donation. The party's platform would change the province's political system, limit campaign contributions and reviewing the tax system. The following is a complete copy of that email.

From: Wilf Hanni
Date: Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 9:29 AM
Subject: Join the Team -Share the Vision

Hello my friend:

You may have already received a copy of this News Release and letter from me. It could well have been in your e-mail in-box this morning. Even if it was, I want to take this opportunity to send it to you again, along with a personal note to you (this is going out to a group of people that I consider to be very important in my life and you are one of them).

We felt compelled to start a new provincial political party because it has become obvious to us that every other political party in British Columbia that has any chance at all of forming government any time soon is committed to serving large international organizations and other special interest groups. None of them is willing or able to serve the people of British Columbia. We are the one and only
political party in British Columbia with the potential of forming government that is fully committed to taking the control of our government away from those large international special interests and giving that control to the voters of British Columbia. This will only be possible if we honour our great Canadian Heritage of Freedom, as expressed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which forms part of
Canada's Constitution. The very first sentence says "We respect the Supremacy of God and the rule of law" You can read all about us on our website at www.bcheritageparty.com (The Constitution and the Mission Statement and Statement of Principles can be accessed by scrolling down, the rest are at the top).

We have a vision for the future of British Columbia and we want YOU to be a member of the team so you can share the vision and help to make it a reality.
There are at least four ways that you can help:

1.) If you believe in prayer, pray for our success and for direction regarding the next 3 items.
2.) Share our vision and join our team (fill out the membership application and mail it in with your cheque for $10.00 for one year or only $25.00 for five years (special rate applies until Dec 31, 2010. After that date it will cost $35.00 for 5 years) The application form is attached. You can also download and print it from our website at
3) Consider serving in a leadership role (serving on a Constituency Association Board of Directors, a committee like "fundraising" or "membership" or on the Provincial Board of Directors). You ARE well qualified to do that, which is why you are one of the people this e-mail is going to.
4) Consider making a tax deductible donation to the Party to help us cover our expenses. (a donation of $200.00 per family, if divided between husband and wife) entitles you to a refund of $150.00 on your provincial income taxes payable next spring, so your net cost will be only $50.00)

British Columbia needs you. - please join the team and share the vision for the future of British Columba.

Richest blessings
Wilf Hanni
Party Leader
BC Heritage Party


like a bad penny...

Does Wilf Hanni believe the moon is made of cheese?

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