Feeling blue

A union-commissioned poll shows provincial Conservative support has surged into double digit territory, Public Eye has exclusively learned. The poll, which surveyed 1,000 British Columbians between August 16 and 31, puts the Conservatives at 15.8 percent - just two percentage points below the governing Liberals. By comparison, the New Democrats are at 34.0 percent, the Greens are at 12.1 percent and the undecideds are at 13.1 percent. That leaves 7.2 percent of survey respondents who refused to say who they'd vote for, won't vote or would cast their ballot for another party. With the undecideds factored out, the New Democrats are at 42 percent, the Liberals at 23 percent, the Conservatives at 21 percent and the Greens at 15 percent.


Two reputable pollsters were in the field 'after' those field dates:

1. ARS with the CPC at 8%;
2. Mustel with the CPS at 11%;

The only way that the CPC can be at 21% in this "Union" commissioned poll would be for a number of 'leading' questions, prior to the party preference question, that would lead to that huge CPC figure.

It's in the unions interest to have that higher CPC figure in order to split the vote and allow the NDP to win an election. Would be interesting to get a copy of that poll. Doubt that it will be produced.

BTW, the Greens also released an opinion poll recently that shows that they are leading in the federal seat of Saanich-Gulf Islands. Again, likely due to 'leading' questions. Again, a questionable result.

A Lib-Conservative coalition government? Sounds good.

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