Where the grass is greener

British Columbia's Greens are looking to build momentum for the 2013 provincial election by supporting candidates in the 2011 municipal elections. In an interview yesterday morning on Public Eye Radio, party leader Jane Sterk explained, "What we are going to do is we are going to endorse people who want to be endorsed as Greens - as long as they subscribe to the 10 Green principles and they are willing to abide by the Green code of conduct as candidates. What we will provide them with in that is they will have a Municipal Green Book 2011, which has some good ideas about what a civic councillor can work on to try and 'green' their community."

"And we're going to provide them with some templates for some really high-quality, professionally-designed materials. And we're going to give them a campaign strategy book that says if you're in a municipality of 17,000 people you can knock on every door - this is what we recommend you do."

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