Media hit?

Yesterday, Gordon Campbell said the media was partially responsible for his present political predicament but later denied blaming the media for his woes. Speaking with CKNW's Sean Leslie, the premier told the talk show host one of the reasons why British Columbians don't believe the harmonized sales tax wasn't on the government radar before the last election is "because a number of your colleagues said that we must have known beforehand. We didn't. In fact, they said that without one shred of information that suggested that I was involved in any discussions on any matter with regard to the HST prior to the election - and I wasn't. I think just common decency says to people at least you should look for matters of proof like this as you're reaching these conclusions. Some of your colleagues didn't."

But when asked by Mr. Leslie whether he was blaming the media, the premier said, "I didn't say that did I Sean? What I said was there's not a shred of information to suggest that I had any discussions with anything at any time with regard to the HST, prior to the election - not a shred. All I'm doing is telling people the truth about what took place. I'm going to continue to do that and I think, frankly, if people look at the facts they will know that I've been telling them the truth all along with regard to it."


Based on the Premiers statements apparently pigs can fly and Santa Claus really does come down the chimney.

I heard Sean Leslie ask a caller when the NDP had a surplus when they were in power. Neither he nor the caller remembers that when the BC NDP left power, they left more than a billion dollar surplus for the BC Liberals to squander. I have little confidence in his reporting.

I heard his Premiership spouting his nonsense on Leslie's show. He didn't even sound like he believed what he was saying.

Interesting new media spin strategy - blame the media for exposing the government's manipulation of the electorate and the May 2009 election. Yes, it' the media's fault for reporting what his government didn't want citizens and taxpayers to know about.

He forgot to mention all of the materials that were recently released under FOI after his office stalled that and allegedly broke the FOI laws by refusing to release the documents to the NDP. There is a formal investigation underway about the conduct of the Premier's office now. He didn't mention this:

FIPA asks Commissioner to investigate false claims of “no records” by government

At the end of the bit with Leslie, he tried to cover it up in a joking manner, but he alluded to the fact that he likely wouldn't appear on Leslie's show again after the grilling he got. He knows his days are numbered, what does he care, he will be well rewarded for selling BC lock, stock & barrel to his corporate and globalist masters.

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