Dissenting view

"There is going to be no attempt to try and muzzle the membership of the party." That's what Health Services Minister Kevin Falcon told CKNW's Brett Mineer last week as yet another Liberal called on Premier Gordon Campbell to step aside. But some of those who have been on the wrongside of the Campbell administration may have cause to question Minister Falcon's commitment. Take, for example, former Liberal legislators Paul Nettleton and Elayne Brenzinger.

One was removed and the other resigned from caucus. Both described a culture of intimidation within government - a culture that rural liquor agency store owners became familiar with when the lobbied to reduce the price of the alcohol they purchase from government.

"Let's keep this low profile," then solicitor general John Les responded. "One more question in QP or an article in the paper and it's over."

More recently, according to Kamloops This Week's Dale Bass, Tourism, Culture and the Arts Minister Kevin Krueger was accused of making threats against the arts community if it didn't stop criticizing the Campbell administration. So will the Liberals behave differently toward members who speak out against the premier? Perhaps...but I wouldn't be on it.

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