When in Rome...

Gordon Campbell was among several executive council members who showed up last night's provincial Liberal barbecue at newspaper owner David Black's estate. While kibitzing with the faithful, the embattled premier quipped he hadn't heard anything negative during his recent vacation in Italy, promoting this quiet riposte from one attendee: "At least not that you could understand." The other executive council members at the barbecue were George Abbott, Bill Bennett, Ida Chong, Murray Coell, Rich Coleman, Kevin Krueger, Margaret MacDiarmid and Mary McNeil.


Gosh, I never got invited, but then again if by some quirk of fate, I had, it would be rather hilarious watching that gang being cute. Kruger could talk about his newest item about Y2K. lack sure picks his friends in a strange way. What a slimy crew

Am I the only one appalled by a newspaper owner blatantly supporting the Liberals? Shouldn't the media at least appear to be neutral?

David Black is a newspaper owner. If he were a reporter or editor who was schoomzing with this cast then there’d be an issue with neutrality. If Black leans on his papers to be pro-Lib then there’s a problem. He’s also a private citizen who hosted a party at his home after hours. What he does is his business.

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