Day in, day out

The provincial Liberals upcoming biennial convention will be shorter than those held in previous years - being a two day rather than a three day affair. But, in an interview, party communications director Chad Pederson rejected speculation that was an attempt to put a time limit on what could become a bad news event. "We, for the last two conventions, have been holding receptions on a Thursday evening for members when they come into town. But, based on feedback that we had received from them, a lot of them were finding it a challenge to take two days off of work or find two days for childcare or other accommodations that they need," he explained. "So, instead of having to come up early for a social on the Thursday evening, we're starting on the Friday afternoon and taking a little longer on the Saturday so they only need to take the one day off if that's all they're able to take."


Well perhaps the BCLibs just want the big stuff to do like the Premier's speech and the Cabinet QandA in this economy. After all, are they now having to pay HST?

Of course, I'm not going because if I did I wouldn't tell anybody on a blog, I'd go with a huge bouquet, gold medals galore (apparently the BCLib cabinet loves the things) and also a huge "POLAK FOR PREMIER = SPLASH THE NDP" sign for the cabinet QandA. Of course if somebody didn't reach for the ejection handle I'm sure reruns of 2009 BCLibFan ads would make Kevin Falcon do it. I'm sure Sean Holman masks will be sold at this convention as well for the QandA. It'll be a sight to see!

Another meeting of Gordon Campbell's mindless cheerleaders will not improve the fortunes of BC Liberals (a.k.a. "the BC liars club").

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