Calling bullhst!

Calling bullhst!

A former aide to provincial Liberal cabinet minister Kevin Falcon appears to have sided against the government's decision to introduce the harmonized sales tax, Public Eye has learned. Andrea Smith, who worked as a constituency assistant for Mr. Falcon, was among those who advertised in support of former premier Bill Vander Zalm successful petition to end that tax.

According to a disclosure statement filed with Elections British Columbia, that advertising came in the form of $675 worth of T-shirts.

The shirts were emblazoned with the words "BULLHST."

It appears you can still purchase them for $19.99 via a promotional Website that also republishes news releases from Mr. Vander Zalm's Fight HST campaign.

Ms. Smith, who was in the minister's service from July 2005 to April 2006, declined comment when contacted by Public Eye yesterday afternoon.

But the revelation of her opposition to one of the Campbell administration's flagship policies comes as the government is being criticized by some of its own supporters.

Last week, Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman's constituency association president Jordan Bateman called on the finance minister to resign - later apologizing after receiving a phone call from Colin Hansen.

But former Liberal provincial council chair Scott Nelson so far hasn't backed down from his statement that Premier Gordon Campbell should retire.

In an interview with The Province's Mike Smyth, Mr. Nelson stated, "He's done great things, and his legacy is secure. But the party needs new leadership and time to rebuild. This is about stopping the NDP now."

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