Zeroing in

Last month, we reported former provincial cabinet minister Rick Thorpe recently registered as a lobbyist for a Fortis Inc. subsidiary. Fortis is the same company which will now own 51 percent of a proposed new powerhouse at Columbia Power Corp.'s Waneta dam under a deal announced last week. So did Mr. Thorpe have anything to do with the agreement? That's the question CFAX's Adam Stirling posed to Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Bill Bennett yesterday. His response: "This negotiation with Fortis and Columbia Basin Trust and Columbia Power Corp. have been going on for months and months and months long before Mr. Thorpe registered as a lobbyist. He had absolutely zero to do with the negotiations between those three entities. I think he attempted to set some meetings up, as I understand it. Other than that, that was his only involvement in it."

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