All business?

All business?

Let there now be no doubt about the kinds of donors the provincial New Democrats are hoping will attend their upcoming fundraiser at The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The event list on the party's Website describes that function as "Night in the City: An Evening with Carole James and the BC NDP Team." But the dinner has a different billing on the Web page where the $295 tickets to it are being sold: "Night in the City: An Evening with Carole James for Business in BC." The page also states attendees will enjoy an "evening of food, wine, and lively conversation" with Ms. James "and the leaders of our province." It's unclear whether "leaders of our province" refers to members of the business community or presumptuous opposition MLAs who think they have the next election in the bag.


Carole James and the steely-eyed inner core of the NDP are INSANE if they think Business will EVER vote for the NDP! This group has sold out the New Democrats--CCF and the membership is LIVID! The NDP should have won the last election if Carole had spoken up about the things voted in at convention---Sustainable BC, instead of courting the un-courtable. Hardly any people voted in the last election. Voters (unfortunately most do not read the Public Eye to see how corrupt the BC Libs are. So they did not see the NDP as any different from the BC Libs.

If I had a business and could count the polls, even if I hated Carole James with a passion, it would be a good idea to spend a couple hundred to see what she has up her sleeve, beside her arm. Yes a lot of big business do well with the ex Socreds or the present so called Liberals, both of whom love to be bought. If the woman didn't invite them the same complainers would be telling us the NDP are totally against business folk. I do recall, that a few folks support the NDP with very substantial amounts of money, and they certainly are not all union folks. Didn't get an invite Sean? or are you just spreading the word. As for getting rid of James,Mary Sue, well lets leave that to the dues paying members. A bit fool hardy right now as Gordo is still in free fall.

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