Base instincts

Despite its declining poll numbers and reputation as a top-down party, the provincial Liberals appears to have more members than the New Democrats. In July, we reported the opposition presently has 13,500 cardholders. That's not much more than the New Democrats had during their 2003 leadership race. By comparison, according to Fort Langley-Aldergrove Liberal constituency association president Jordan Bateman, his party has "roughly 34,000 members." This, according to an entry posted on Mr. Bateman's blog last week. That means the New Democrats lead in the public opinion polls may be extremely soft, with the opposition having failed to expand its base at the expense of the Liberals.


A BC Liberal says the party has 34,000 members. And why should we believe this source, a source that is motivated to exaggerate the number? With all the deceit coming from the BC Liberal government why should we believe anything this party says?

Isn't 34,000 about the total number of people left in BC who believe that BC Liberals remain a viable political force?

If all parties counted as members only those who personally sign up, pay their own membership fees annually and participate in party programs regularly, there would be surprisingly few members in any of them.

The 34,000 number is from before the last election. At least 85% of those numbers would not vote for a liberal if an election were held today.

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