Falcon flies with birds of a different feather

Falcon flies with birds of a different feather

While the provincial New Democrats have been courting business community, one Liberal cabinet minister has been playing a round with British Columbia's labour movement. Last Thursday, Kevin Falcon attended and even apparently sponsored a hole at the Teamsters Joint Council No. 36 Charity Golf Tournament, which took place at the Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club. That's somewhat surprising because, according to Elections British Columbia, the teamsters contributed $14,155 to the New Democrats and not a dime to the Liberals. So why was the health minister there and could it have anything to do with his leadership aspirations? Mr. Falcon, who is on holidays, was unavailable for comment.


Falcon has nothing but contempt for Union's. Bill 21 is a pretty good example of just how much he respects the Collective Bargaining process.

sure hope they collected a large amount of money from Goofy because a lot of union folks and their supporters will find it hard to rationalize the guy leaning in their direction

It's Falcon's way of letting working people know where they're headed when he's the money-men's next shill... I mean Premier

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