Wherever the leader goes, the party follows?

Vision Critical Inc.'s latest public opinion poll has confirmed what I suspected months ago - that the Campbell administration's unpopularity hasn't just damaged public support for the premier. It may have also permanently damaged the Liberal brand name. According to Vision Critical, even if Surrey mayor Diane Watts or former finance minister Carole Taylor take over the party's leadership, the New Democrats will still be ahead in the polls. Of course, that's not to say the opposition's lead isn't assailable - quite the contrary.

Nevertheless, the perception created by these recent numbers could have significant consequences for the race to replace Mr. Campbell. After all, if it looks like the winner of that race will lose the next election, it's probable someone like Mses. Watts or Talyor wouldn't be interested in competing.

After all, there are some politicians who only want to serve in government, not the opposition. And that could mean the field of candidates will be narrowed to sitting Liberal MLAs, something that could reduce the party's chances of winning a fourth term in office.

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Between them - Campbell and the BC Liberal party have damaged their own chances by all the double dealing, lies and deception.

I don't know of anyone who would trust the BC Liberals or Gordon Campbell again. They are damaged goods - damaged beyond repair.

Thank you

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