B.C. as BP

"Leadership Tips from Tony Hayward (or Not)." That was the headline of an article published yesterday in which Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter opined the now former BP p.l.c. chief executive officer "must have studied management in a parallel universe, where a set of anti-rules for bad leadership are taught." Among those rules: deny and minimize problems; emphasize your own power and importance; make the story all about you; never apologize, and don't even pretend to learn from your mistakes; and hang onto your job even when it's clear you should go. So here's a question for our readers: based on that analysis, which provincial politician appears to have gone to the same school as Mr. Hayward?


How about Hon. Mary Polak? (and Gordo the Great, of course!)

The less than honourable Rich Coleman of course.

There are too many to name them all but I would include Gordo the deceitful and Rich Coleman the incompetent.

This description pretty much resembles the entire cabinet of the BC Liberal Party. You could throw all of their names in a hat and no matter which one you draw out would fit the bill.

sounds like my old boss as well...

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