Thirty-five ridings, 35 futures

New Democrat MLAs will be organizing Our Province Our Future events in their ridings, Public Eye has learned. That's the initiative party leader Carole James launched in April to engage British Columbians in a dialogue about the "economic, social and environmental renewal of our province." The first Our Province Our Future conference was considered to be something of a success. But a regional summit in Kamloops was the subject of critical coverage by the city's daily newspaper and the initiative's online discussion forum is moribund, attracting only 15 comments to-date. The expectation to have riding-level Our Province Our Future events came out of a New Democrat caucus meeting that took place earlier this month at the St. Eugene Mission Resort.


It looks like the BC NDP are taking a page out of the Liberals' book:

"It looks like the BC NDP are taking a page out of the Liberals' book:"

Nothing new there. Parties steal other parties' way of doing things and improve on what they have seen.

Same thing happens when political hacks seem to think Washington D.C. is the only orcale for everything political which it isn't. They like to say they've gone to Washington DC to learn politics because they think it makes them look important, which is more of an hallunciantion than actual reality.

Anyone can come up with something new and workable if they take the time to do it right.

Comes back to the simple question:

What's new in Political Science?

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