A non-partisan issue?

A non-partisan issue?

On Monday, Vancouver-Kensington MLA Mable Elmore's non-partisan constituency office hosted a discussion about the "Art of Political Campaigning." But, in an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Elmore said the purpose of the event wasn't to teach constituents how to take on the governing Liberals.

The discussion was led by Kristen Keighley-Wight, who recently attended Campaigns & Elections magazine's annual campaign training conference in Washington, D.C.

In an invitation to the constituency office event, Ms. Elmore stated Ms. Keighley-Wight had agreed to "report back on some of the highlights" from that conference, describing her as "one of our constituency volunteers."

But Ms. Keighley-Wright also provides creative and production services for NOW Communications Group Inc. - a prominent marketing and advertising firm whose clients have included the New Democrats and members of the labour movement.

Ms. Elmore's invitation stated the discussion would centre on "how we can incorporate the strategies (taught at the Campaigns & Elections magazine conference) locally."

But when asked if those strategies would be directed at the government, the MLA told Public Eye, "Number one that's not the intent of the workshop. Number two I make an effort to be clear that certainly our office and my role as MLA is not a partisan thing."

Instead, Ms. Elmore stated the discussion was part of a non-partisan effort to encourage "community engagement. So I'm interested in having conversations with constituents and community groups and trying to promote that involvement and discussion of democracy and encouraging folks to get involved and have an understanding of the political process."

MLAs are prohibited from using the taxpayer dollars they receive to operate their constituency offices for political purposes. By convention, the same rule is supposed to apply to the offices themselves.


I hope they were able to learn something...!

although , I doubt very much
that the guest speaker

spoke about "truthy-ness" of a "Steven-Colbert Report" ,
or the "Sean-Holmaneque" qualities of your report'age ...!

oh-well ...?????



or should I say ...

Ore's-Well , that end's up "George Ore-Wellian" ...?

---- Simply Sean,

with-out your program guild,
who can tell the "Player's from the Officals"...?


So here we go again. Someone goes to the supposed orcle of politics to visit Washington D.C. to do what?

What the NDP has been good at, and that is campaign organiztion for the past 20 or so years and getting their
supporters to the voting booth.

There isn't much left new to learn other than the application of Facebook and Twitter, and even now those are getting a bit old.

This begs the question:

What's new in Political Science?

Anyone who would expect more from "Crazy Mable" is themselves crazy. This is the person who said that "vocal Zionists in our worksites" were in favour of the War in Iraq and that it was "time to strike back and to become more militant".

In March 2009 she said she'd "get right back" to a reporter from Public Eye on her militant call to arms. I guess she's been too busy to call back.

Sadly, we in "her" riding who don't advocate militancy and "striking back" have no fair representation from "Mabel the Warrior Princess".

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