Politically corrected?

Politically corrected?

Last Tuesday, Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister Bill Bennett made headlines when an email that referred to environmentalists as "eco fascists" and was sent under his name made its way into the hands of the media. The email also accused Flathead Valley park supporters of using "whatever legal, political, dishonest means they can muster with their American Foundation money to expand their park kingdom." So what does he think of that controversy a week later? Well, in a blog posting yesterday, the minister wrote, "Naturally, the PC forces were all 'outraged' as they often are with me. I appreciate all of you tax-paying, voting British Columbians who, as you always do, rallied to my defense." That being said, though, the Kootenay East MLA reiterated the email was a "rough draft" that he didn't send personally. Nevertheless, the minister reminded readers he took responsibility for it, acknowledging the draft referred to environmentalists in a "very derogatory way."


Dear Minister Bennett,
I am shocked that you choose to speak in such an offensive and inflammatory way about law abiding tax-paying citizens of the Province you serve, simply because you disagree with their position. You clearly believe that the only valid view on this and other environmental issues, is that which supports your wealthy friends and colleagues, at the expense of our beautiful province.
I suggest you resign your office and seek employment that is more suited to you, in the corporate world where there are no constituents, only shareholders for you consider, sincerely, Heather Fox

Dear Mr. Bennett,
Your inflamatory language does you and the ministerial office you represent no favours. Cabinet ministers are supposed to be above partisan and personal biases. If you cannot represent ALL of your constituents even those you disagree with you should resign and let someone else who is more capable of listening to all sides of a debate take over. You have failed in your duty to provide leadership at the cabinet table. Resign.

Lynne Milnes

Heather and Lynne, it is unlikely Bill Bennett, or for that matter, any other BC Liberal will ever do the right thing. Even Blair Leckstrom remains a member of the BC Liberal party although he has left his cabinet position and caucus. It is obvious by Bennett's comments above there are two classes of taxpayers, which is just another attempt by him to smear those that don't dance to his tune.

The best chance to get rid of these types is through recall in the fall.

He writes that way because he simply doesn't give a damn about anyone who doesn't support him no matter how dumb he is.
To tell us that a email sent under his name wasn't authorised by him is simply BS.

Why, why, WHY does his MA still let him use the internet!??!

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