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The Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre general manager's salary has expanded along with the facility that position is responsible for. When Barbara Maple left that job in April 2008, she was making $130,500 per year. By comparison, her successor Ken Cretney - the former general manager of the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel - is making $205,400 a year, as well as having received a $100,000 incentive payment in fiscal 2009/10. That pushed the total value of his compensation package up to $335,347. This, according to the latest executive compensation reporting form released by the BC Pavilion Corp.

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It is a game played throughout the corporate world. The most senior officers pull up the salaries of the second tier boys and girls and, surprise, you cannot have the people that report to you earning more, so the Board has to increase the salaries of the top tier.

Some people might think the job is so easy that a marketing graduate straight out of school could sell the luxurious Convention Center. No so apparently. Even the $1 K a day people can't sell the facility. It's largely lacking for customers as the calendar here shows:

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