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Those with conspiratorial leanings often accuse governments of manufacturing crises to provide a pretext for controversial changes. But, in the Campbell administration, it's part of the job description for senior civil servants! The ministries of forests and range and environment are currently advertising for candidates to "fill positions within their executive ranks." And, according to a "role profile" attached to that advertisement, those hired are expected to demonstrate a number of behaviours including being able to "create a crisis to force change" so they can "capitalize on the best opportunity." The profile, which appears to apply to senior civil servants across government, goes onto state such decisions involve a "high level of risk," requiring executives to "acknowledge the ultimate consequences if they do not succeed." The following is a complete copy of that document, which does not say what those "ultimate consequences" would be.


Looks like the Liberals have become so arrogant they actually confirm the fact that they encourage unethical conduct. Unbelievable!!

Richard, I wouldn't consider this as an arrogant attitude. It is blatantly dishonest. This is the ruse they employed to divest the people of British Columbia of BC Rail. Will McMartin, on The Tyee's website, had a great article on how Campbell & Co. embellished ficticious losses in order to portray BC Rail as a money pit to the taxpayers.

The real problem is that most voters are ignorant of what impact our governments really have on our daily lives and finances. The BC Liberal Party has realized this and used it to their advantage over and over again.

The old saying "BS baffles brains" has never been more accurate than in today's political arena.

I guess those with conspiratorial leanings aren't so tinfoil hat after all.

I guess the comfort of a third term lets them lay it all out in the open.

Unethical, is the term I would use to describe these types of tactics as well. It is good to see that this Milton Friedman style of government is being acknowledged by the BC Liberals. Better the Devil you know!

Locally, the connection to the VIHA privatization agenda for elders' health care and the proposed closure of Oak Bay Lodge and Mount Tolmie Hospital is clear. So is the manufactured crisis in education , manufactured through systematic underfunding and bs statistical "trends" at schools and school rankings based on sample sizes of 25-30 kids! How can there be a "trend" if 5 kids are struggling with math this year and only 2 were struggling last year? That's not a "downward trend" in math learning and teaching - it's a BLIP.
Maybe we should just give all our public tax money to St Mike's and other private schools instead of quite a lot, and be done with it. How can anyone be politically impartial reading this job description made up of Friedmanite ideological insanity?

Milton Friedman style of government=screw the People!

Campbell is sooo arrogant, he is adopting China's government, for his own government. He, is in fact, selling BC to China. He travels to China, numerous times, he admires China's dictatorship. Campbell, even treats BC children living in poverty, much like China's attitude, towards their children in poverty. Eventually, only the elite, will be able to afford to send their children to school, the same as China. Campbell, is also a dictator, he has no comprehension of fairness, nor honesty. Even the BC Liberal Ministers cower under Campbell. He is very good at, silly little vendetta's, anyone who opposes him, find themselves out of a job. Campbell controls absolutely everything. The Judicial system, newspapers, some TV media, RCMP, FOI, Ministers, are ordered to mention, Campbell's strong leadership, he reminds me of that pompous little ass, the North Korean president. Do you wonder why, Fadden of, Canadian Intelligence, is keeping his eye on BC? Campbell, is promoting communism. Even Harper, is proud to be a part of, expanding the rail yard, in Ashcroft, BC. To give China easier access into our country. And we all know, Harper and Campbell, have a very close relationship, just connect the dots. Campbell and Harper, support child labor in China. Our industries go to China, for exactly that reason. I refuse to buy any goods made in China, even if I have to do without. I refuse to promote child labor.

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