"Well over 13,000." That's how many members the British Columbia New Democrats had at the time of their November 2003 leadership convention. This, according to a report by the party's then provincial secretary Gerry Scott. And, seven years later, that number hasn't changed much. In an interview with Public Eye, spokesperson Michael Roy confirmed the party presently has 13,500 members. "Obviously, that changes over a four year election cycle...and we're basically where we expect to be right now at this point in the election cycle." So is there any concern about that membership number?

"It varies a great deal over the election cycles," Mr. Roy reiterated. "Remember, our memberships last for a year based on the renewal date and a lot of the membership renewals are actually done by the constituency associations - by volunteers...For what it's worth, a lot of the constits are out signing-up new members. Like Oak Bay-Gordon Head just signed-up 185 odd new members recently. So it's ongoing and always changing."

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