Follow the leader?

Earlier, we reported the premier's office is refusing to release salary information for energy, mines and petroleum resources deputy minister Robin Junger in an apparent violation of its own laws. But not every government agency is following its lead. Last month, in accordance with Public Sector Employers Act, BC Hydro Corp. provided Public Eye with a copy of the contract for its new executive vice-president of transmission and distribution Greg Reimer. Mr. Reimer, who was Mr. Junger's predecessor, was hired by the Crown corporation in May.

According to that contract, he'll be paid $234,000 a year, receive a company vehicle and a $500 monthly executive allowance. Mr. Reimer is also eligible for a performance bonus of up to $58,500 - equivalent to 25 percent of his base salary - as well as assistance in moving to the mainland. That assistance includes a mortgage rate subsidy "in accordance with BC Hydro policies." So how does that compare to the compensation package he was receiving from the province? Well, we don't exactly know because the premier's office is refusing to release Mr. Reimer's salary information. The following is a complete copy of his aforementioned employment contract with BC Hydro.

Greg Reimer's employment contract

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