Heed had pre-politics relationship with campaign chief

Internal records exclusively obtained by Public Eye show Kash Heed and his former campaign coordinator Barinder Sall had a relationship dating back to before the former West Vancouver chief constable became involved in provincial politics.

In May, Mr. Sall was charged under the Criminal Code and the Election Act following a RCMP investigation into possible offences involving Mr. Heed's 2009 election campaign office.

The former solicitor general - who has denied any wrongdoing and not been charged - has appeared to sidestep questions about his relationship with Mr. Sall.

For example, when CKNW legislative bureau chief Sean Leslie asked Mr. Heed whether he or someone else had picked Mr. Sall and another person to be members of his campaign team, the MLA said, "Well, I'm not going to comment with respect to that...I went into the election with almost just a month before the election. So a lot of things were put in place."

But, according to 47 pages of records released by the West Vancouver police department in response to a freedom of information request, Mr. Sall was helping promote Mr. Heed in the media as early as 2007.

"Kash, Send me your realistic dream car? And what your money is no object dream car? What was your first patrol car? So I can pitch the story idea," Mr. Sall wrote in an email from December 28 of that year.

Many of the records - including Mr. Heed's reply to that message - were blacked out by the department under section 22 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which prohibits the disclosure of personal information that would be an unreasonable invasion of a third party's privacy.

On September 2, 2008, Mr. Sall was again pitching for Mr. Heed. In an email he forwarded to the chief constable, Mr. Sall encouraged then CFUN-AM host Joe Leary to have the Mr. Heed on his show to talk about "how things are going in WestVan and discuss his new state of the art website www.wvpd.ca."

In messages sent on February 18, 2009, Messrs. Sall and Heed are also shown trying to figure out the identity of an anonymous email criticizing the chief constable for advocating police amalgamation in the Lower Mainland.

"This is definitely an alias for a local politician. I could guess who," Mr. Heed wrote after seeing the email.

"Go to your desktop and open the message and click on VIEW...then options that should say what IP address the email came from," Mr. Sall replied.

And then there's the email Liberal MLA Sindi Hawkins sent on January 30, 2009 to the Sikh Centennial Foundation, encouraging the organization to honour the chief constable - a month before Mr. Heed announced his resignation.

"I would ask that you consider Chief Kash Heed of the West Vancouver Police Department as a candidate to honour this year. Chief Heed is the first Indo-Canadian police chief in Canada...," she wrote in an email that was forwarded to Mr. Heed. "I can certainly provide you with Chief Heed's contact info should you require or you can contact Barinder Sall at bsall@empir.ca."

Sources identified by The Vancouver Sun only as "Heed supporters" have "insisted" Mr. Sall "and other key people in the Vancouver-Fraserview 2009 election campaign were already in place" when the chief constable decided to run in that riding.

The six charges against Mr. Sall relate to the publication and financing of controversial anti-New Democrat, Chinese-language pamphlets distributed in Vancouver-Fraserview during that campaign. Those pamphlets had no sponsorship information on them, a violation of the Election Act.

At the same time those charges were laid, special prosecutor Terrence Robertson cleared Mr. Heed because "there was no evidence of actual knowledge on his part and no evidence that reasonable diligence would have made him aware of any of the offences that have been charged against other people involved in the campaign."

But a day later, on May 4, Mr. Robertson stepped aside after disclosing his law firm had contributed $1,000 to Mr. Heed's bid for public office.

His successor, Peter Wilson, is now conducting a "fresh independent" charge assessment.

The former solicitor general was "unavailable" to speak with Public Eye for this story, according to a government caucus spokesperson. The following is a copy of the aforementioned correspondence between Messrs. Heed and Sall.

Correspondence between Kash Heed and Barinder Sall


This guy is like the timex watches in the old commercials. He keeps ticking and ticking.

When are the results of the "fresh independent" charge assessment due to be made public?

Those darn paper trails can be a bitch, and his non-answer speaks volumes. Also, it's getting pretty bad when even a lowly backbencher has to be chaperoned by a member of the PAB.

It's time that the BC Liberal Party started running some adults as candidates so that they can go out in public unleashed.

Kash should just cash it in and find a job with an armored car company or something.

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