Taking the Mickey out of the Liberals?

The longtime president of the provincial Liberals is undecided as to whether she'll make another bid for that office. Mickey Patryluk was first elevated to that post in June 2001. But asked today if her name was going to be on the ballot at the party's upcoming biennial convention in November, Ms. Patryluk chuckled and told Public Eye, "I haven't decided." If she returns to the job, the president added, "This would be the fourth time that I would be re-elected. So it's very satisfying. It's very rewarding that people have that kind of faith in me, that kind of confidence in me. And I enjoy being involved and making sure I involved myself in the things I care about. And this is one of the things I care about passionately." So when will she be making a decision one way or another? "The screening forms for nomination have to be in two weeks prior to the convention. So conceivably I could wait that long," Ms. Patryluk replied.

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