How not to be seen?

How to not be seen

The provincial New Democrats rank-and-file aren't the only ones who seem to have been kept out of the party's Our Province Our Future loop. As we noted in April's edition of the Brown Envelope, the party didn't sent out a province-wide media advisory or news release about the one-day conference that kicked off that consultation process back in April. Nor did they issue an advisory or release in advance of a regional summit that happened on Tuesday. In fact, that summit wasn't mentioned on the party's Our Future Our Province Website until June 19 - just three days before the meeting got underway in Kamloops. So why isn't the media being better informed about these events?

Well, here's what party leader Carole James's press secretary Neera Ritcey said in response to that question yesterday: "Media have been well-informed about it. And, as I said, we have had questions from the media. And there have been many interviews in fact. This morning, in Kamloops for example, there was a front page story on this Kamloops regional summit that we're doing today. So the awareness is there."

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