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The ministry of children and family development has scrapped a commitment to provide British Columbians with regular updates about an effort to transform the way its services are delivered. It's a decision runs counter to the ministry's long-standing promise to be "fully transparent with regard to plans, funding and achievement of principles and goals." That 2007 promise seems to have been breached more than observed, with the government's independent children and youth representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond recently having to drag Children and Family Development Minister Mary Polak and Premier Gordon Campbell to court to obtain records she was legally entitled to see. Nevertheless, in June 2008, the ministry announced it would be releasing a progress report and an updated operational plan for its Strong, Safe and Supported initiative every six months to ensure "continued, effective communication" with "staff and the public."

Those releases happened in October 2008 and again in January 2009, with the time between those updates being shortened to four months. But, after that, they just stopped. So why was that?

In an email, a government spokesperson explained the ministry "made a conscious decision to conclude the formal update process" because Strong, Safe and Supported's direction and targets had been "clearly set" and "established."

As a result, the ministry instead decided to start releasing "key overarching products that would provide more clarity on the different aspects" of that plan.

So what in tarnation does that mean?

Well, as near we can tell that means the ministry has decided to revert to its haphazard practice of only telling the public what it wants to tell the public, when it wants to tell the public - no more schedules to keep, boxes to fill and targets to hit. Which is probably for the best anyway.

After all, the Campbell administration has already fallen far short of its 2001 election promise to be the most "open and accountable" government in the country.

So it wouldn't due for the ministry of children and family development to show up the premier's office.


Maybe it's the Chinese gov't exerting undue influence on Precious Princess Polak...

Where is Josef anyway?

Let us be honest Deputy Minister Leslie Dutoit knows best. The organization is run from the top down. Oh sure they ask for the opinions of so called stake holders and front line workers but it is only lip service. They essentially only want opinions that reaffirm what they are looking for. What they tend to get then is sycophants agreeing with them and engaging in this pseudo process. For those individuals naive enough to believe in the inclusive and transparent feminist jargon would be risking their mental health when the reality of practice hits home. Working for the ministry is like working for a schizophrenic mother who spends too much time on the planet Neptune. It would be more honest if they just accepted themselves as intellectual elitist who know better than the peons that work in the front line. How many transformations, devolutions, decentralizations and visions do you have to go through till you realized Leslie DuToit is so filled with her own ego and idealistic fantasy that her feet no longer touch the ground. Some of the most recent ideas coming down from her have left the front lines cringing again. Child Protection Social Workers will no longer be called social workers but “practitioners” and clients will be called “partners”. Sort of like the ideal version of the 50’s portrayed in Leave It To Beaver, a world that never existed and certainly does not exist with many clients. Can you imagine the reaction of a crack addicted mother or father who have had their children removed being told, Hey, it’s okay you are a participant now. One assumes Child and Youth Mental Health Clinicians will also be participants but Leslie’s contempt for that part of her work force comes through in her tendency to ignore them. Right now she seems hell bent and determined to destroy that part of the ministry. She wants to have CYMH focus on ministry clients. Has anyone thought to tell her that counselling only works for clients who are capable and motivated to change. So she has decided she is going to help those who don’t really want help, and screw those middle-class people who do want help for their children. The woman seems to have entered a delusional world that lacks common sense. I just pray that she gets the chop for the latest fiasco in the ministry.

anonymous mcfd supervisor

ps. have any of you read "snakes in suits"?

I agree with everything you say except this: CYMH need to take a long hard look in their own elitist mirrors. The cherry-picking "won't get hands or clothes dirty practitioners" in CYMH had it coming. Most CYMH spo 25's have been a thorn in the side of real social workers (those who actually have the ground zero experience) in the Ministry for too long.

de Toit will be fired. The Emperor's New Clothes springs to mind - why else did Jeremy Berland jump ship?

To anonymous mcfd supervisor:

Since no one else has commented, I will do so: please don't insult Feminists by asserting that leslie du toit is one. While most of us would agree with everything else you have written, there is NOTHING even remotely Feminist about du toit or her "jargon". She represents everything that Feminists work AGAINST and we are as appalled by women who abuse their power and therefore, abuse others, as we are by men who do so.

Many of you readers may be interested to know that the MCFD service plans produced under the BC Liberals are currently used in the Public Sector Financial Management curriculum of the BC Certified General Accountants as examples of how to NOT produce relevant and useful benchmark documents for public sector performance management.

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