Elemental forces?

Last week, we reported the domain name visionbc.ca was registered in December 2009 - five months after The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter reported "Vision Vancouver strategists are looking at turning their landslide civic electoral success into a centrist provincial party that can beat the B.C. Liberals." The civic association's executive director Ian Baille has denied Vision Vancouver was behind that registration or has provincial ambitions. So who was responsible for putting a placeholder on that Web address? Well how about FD Element - the advertising firm that worked on Mayor Gregor Robertson's election campaign? After all, as reported by CityCaucus.com's Mike Klassen, that's the same company that registered mayorofvancouver.com on behalf of Mr. Robertson. But, in an interview with Public Eye, FD Element chief executive officer Don Millar said, "We didn't have anything to do with registering this...I spent December basically in Whistler and Copenhagen. I wasn't on the domain registration beat much over there."

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