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"It's a fundamental disagreement on principles and the choice of some board members - with outside pressure - to gain a small sniff of power no matter what." That's how Dean Skoreyko sees the provincial Conservative board's decision to remove him as the party's media liaison and membership and constituency association development chair. That decision was made after Mr. Skorekyo told The Tyee's Andrew Macleod that Blair Lekstrom's decision to resign as a cabinet minister and a Liberal caucus member was an "ass saving move," suggesting the Peace River South MLA was a "rat." Speaking with Public Eye, the former party spokesperson said he believes the board felt having Mr. Lekstrom as a Conservative member or "even as a party leader is terrific. And I completely and vehemently disagree with that. You can't sell out and just become a Liberal-litle party. Obviously, I lost that battle."

"They never asked for my side of what happened," he continued. "I mean, obviously, I wasn't speaking as official party policy. But it's a view held by a by a pretty big segment of the party and a concerned segment of the party. How do you welcome in with open arms somebody who still believes the HST is correct? And particularly galling is when you have board members who are fanatical anti-HST petitioners all of a sudden jumping off their high horses trying to add a HST supporter. And it's extremely hypocritical."

Mr. Skoreyko also said, before he was forced out, he had been pushing the board to do "administrative work...as opposed to being these pseudo-politicians debating unendingly minute, nonsensical issues. So all of this created the perfect storm for this bunch to remove me, supported by the president Wayne McGrath - who I consider to have stabbed me in the back."


The more trivial the stakes, the sharper the knives get.

Don't be a sore head, Dean. There was no need to be rude and slam Blair Lekstrom. Of course your remarks reflected on the BC Conservative Party. Sorry Mr. Skoreyko but as a spokesperson you needed a bit more diplomacy.

I was offended by your remarks and I don't like Liberal policies either. But you can't assume and accuse someone of ulterior motives for resigning without proof. That's slanderous.

Recognizing your own mistakes is a an asset to being a leader. Apologies to all Conservative members would be a good start to restoring your credibility.

This is my personal opinion. I'm not a spokesperson, just a concerned staunch Conservative. I hope you will mend fences.

When did my former co-Board members start posting on here?

What happened to the policy resolutions passed at the BC Conservative Policy Convention in Kelowna last month? I have not seen them reviewed in the media. Nor are they posted on the BC Conservative web sbite.


Email Wayne McGrath and ask him that question. Let me know what he says...

Judging by this article and the link to the story "decision" its looks like Randy White is calling the shots not Mr. McGrath.

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